why join the union

As a financial member of the B.F.U.E., you will be able to access the Union’s advice and assistance when issues arise, as they do from time to time.

In entering the workplace, you enter a complex environment of laws, regulations etc which cover a number of these areas: Industrial Awards and Agreements, Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, Workplace Legislation, Anti-Discrimination legislation, Unfair or Unlawful Dismissals, Workcover (Workers Compensation) Legislation, Superannuation Legislation and other areas.

Ask yourself a few questions just like these:

The Food Industry, In Particular The Meat Industry Sector, Has And Still Is Undergoing Tremendous Changes And Challenges Industry Rationalization, Drought, Foreign Takeovers, Skills And Labour Shortages.

Membership of the Union provides you with security in meeting these challenges.  Experienced Union personnel, quality resources and a full array of services, are there to assist you at all times, not only when in need.

On this site, there are a number of delegates throughout the operation.  Our senior official, the Branch Secretary, is also present.  Please enquire from fellow workers about the relevant delegate for your work area.

If he or she hasn’t had an opportunity to contact you shortly after you commence employment, please make contact with the delegate and introduce yourself.  Make yourself known, so it will be easier for both of you and the delegate to communicate about any issue causing you concern.