services for members

Your delegate also has an important role in providing basic information on the other services you will be able to access as a B.F.U.E. financial member. Some of the great services available to you are:-

Union Shopper

Union shopper is a 100% Union owned organisation that provides you a discount shopping service to Union members. Union Shopper offers great savings on an ever increasing range of products and services. Some examples are:-

  • Holidays, Discount Tickets to theme parks.
  • Travel and accommodation.
  • Motor Vehicle purchases.
  • Electrical, White Goods and Furniture purchases
  • Insurance

Click here to visit their website

Members Equity Bank

The bank for Union members with cheaper rates for Union members

  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Home Loans

Click here to visit their website

Legal Assistance – Including free Wills

The Union’s legal representatives provide assistance to financial members on work related matters, this provided to you at little or no cost directly to you.

Wills are also able to be prepared by our legal advisors at not cost to members.

Contact the Union office for more information

Union’s Mortality Fund

In the unlikely event a financial member passing away, the Union provides immediate financial assistance to our late member’s next of kin.

All these services and more are available to you as a financial member of your Union. Some are able to be assessed directly, whilst others will need to be referred through our B.F.U.E. office. Contact details will be shown at the end of this presentation, or the materials in your induction package or from materials sent to you from our office upon joining.

Upon joining you will receive a membership card and other materials advertising some of the services, I have just outlined. Keep them in an easily assessed placed, so you can reference them when the need arises. Always let your Union know of any change in address or other details, so we can keep you informed. Don’t forget to tell your employer also at the same time.