For more than 75 years the B.F.U.E. has represented workers just like you who work in the food manufacturing industry.

The B.F.U.E. has been active in advancing worker’s conditions.  It was one of the first Unions in Queensland to secure equal pay for women, it was the first Union to have its Award varied to include redundancy protection for its members and was one of the first Meat Industry Awards with a specific career path/classification structure for workers to have a clear training/skills path.  It has been very successful in having workers reinstated to their employment after being unfairly sacked by their employer.  The Union has also made steps toward junior employees being paid for skills used not based solely on age.

Members of the Union work in many different areas.

  • Slaughtering – Cooking
  • Boning/Slicing/Trimming – Livestock Handling
  • Packing – Cleaning
  • Smallgoods Manufacturing – Rendering
  • Distribution and storage – Food preserving and Curing
  • Clerical Roles (some) – Quality Assurance

No matter what job you are engaged for, the B.F.U.E. will be there to assist you in ensuring your rights to correct wages and payments, conditions of employment and a safe workplace free of the risk of injury, disease and discrimination.

You have succeeded when all you really want is only what you really need.

- Ellie Lindström